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May 2019: UF-RAPID Workshop, May 23 & 24, 2019. 

UF-RAPID NSF Workshop May 23-24, 2019 Gainesville FL

Joint University of Florida and University of Washington NSF NHERI Workshop


May 23-24 2019

Gainesville, Florida

We are pleased to announce a Joint University of Florida and University of Washington NSF NHERI Workshop. The one and one half day workshop will be held May 23rd (full day) and 24th (morning) 2019 at the NHERI Experimental Facility (EF) at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.

The Powell Family Structures and Materials Laboratory at the University of Florida (UF) is among the seven designated shared-use Experimental Facilities under NSF’s Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) program. The UF NHERI EF is primarily dedicated to studying extreme wind events, and offers a suite of experimental apparatus for wind load quantification, system response and destructive testing. The University of Washington (UW) hosts the post-disaster RAPID response facility, providing investigators with equipment, software, and support services needed to collect, process, and analyze perishable data from natural hazards events. Details of these facilities as well as an overview of the NSF NHERI program can be found at

The goal of the workshop is to promote the singular and coordinated use of the UW RAPID and UF EF. The interactive workshop includes a UF EF tour and RAPID equipment demonstration and hands-on training, the capabilities and services offered by the UF and UW facilities, and the process for accessing NSF funding for EF and RAPID use. The workshop provides opportunities for attendees to network with fellow researchers, and initiate proposals on site. The agenda is provided below.

We will cover participant domestic travel and two nights of lodging expenses.

The number of participants is budget limited. Please complete the brief application by Friday, May 10th, 2019. Priority will be given to faculty who intend to submit NSF proposals that utilize the UF EF and/or the UW RAPID.

Questions should be directed to Susan Triana at


Sincerely yours,

Workshop Steering Committee:

Jennifer Bridge and Kurt Gurley, University of Florida

Joseph Wartman and Jeffrey Berman, University of Washington


Past Events

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    • 18 total participants
  • 2018 Broadening Participation of Underrepresented Groups in Natural Hazards Research through NSF’s NHERI Program. Workshop Report
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  • 2018 July 31: Natural Hazards Research Opportunities Workshop
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  • 2018 June 15: NHERI EF Tour Multidisciplinary Research Experiences for teachers (MRET) program
    • 15 total participants
  • 2018 May 30 to August 7: REU Program
    • 3 students total from: Missouri University of Science and Technology, San Francisco State University, and Jackson State University
  • 2018 May 11: NHERI Program orientation for Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment (ESSIE) staff
    • 20 total participants
  • 2018 AMS Tour
  • 2018 April 16: SEC Video Tour 
    • 2 total participants
  • 2018 February 28: DesignSafe-CI Program Team Visit
    • 14 total participants 
  • 2018 January 26: MAWLS, Multi-Axis Wind Load Simulator Demonstration Filming Part II. Federal Alliance for Safe Homes
    • 11 participants
  • 2017 November 16: MAWLS, Multi-Axis Wind Load Simulator Demonstration Filming Part I. Federal Alliance for Safe Homes
    • 12 total participants
  • 2017 November 2-3: NOVA documentary filming
    • 10 total participants 
  • 2017 November 1: NHERI Natural Hazards Research Opportunities Workshop for UF Researchers
    • 17 total participants 
  • 2017 October 30: Mini-Workshop for UMD Center for Disaster Resilience 
    • 3 total participants
  • 2017 October 26: Texas NHERI Sinkhole 3D-Imaging Workshop
    • 30 total participants
  • 2017 June 28-30: Joint UF EF and UC-Berkeley SimCenter User Workshop
    • 32 total participants 
  • 2017 May 21-24: 13th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering, Gainesville, Florida. Included facility tours.
  • 5 Mini-Workshops (17 attendees)
    • 2016 Aug 29-30: CSU, Michigan, U Louisiana—Lafayette
    • 2016 Sep 8-9: Case Western, Clemson, Embry Riddle, SUNY Buffalo, UCF, USCarolina, Virginia Tech, WPI
    • 2016 Sep 25-26: CMU
    • 2016 Oct 23-24: Clemson
    • 2016 Nov 17-18: UConn
  • 2015 Dec 3-4 EF User Workshop (with FIU)
    • 40 attendees from which 10 submitted $6.1M in proposals in the spring ENH unsolicited call

University of Florida NHERI EF Workshop Participants 2016-2018